Changes you need to know about in the new Fortnite patch

Epic Games are rolling out another patch and there are a few important updates you need to know about. 

Firstly the addition of a new heavy weapon to the Battle Royale mode: the Guided Missile Launcher. It’s as it sounds - a rocket launcher that you guide to find your target instead of just firing and hoping. The way it will work is that once you fire it your character will stand still and you will switch views to ‘drive’ the middle during flight. A very strong weapon but you will be left susceptible to enemies.

The patch will also see the Sniper Shootout return with added weapons (crossbow, hand cannon and revolver) and will be live for a limited time. 

One thing that might confuse you if you haven’t seen this article is that the rarity of shotguns are changing. This is to mirror the strength of the shotguns. See a breakdown here:

Tactical Shotguns:

- Green is now Grey

- Blue is now Green

- Purple is now Blue

Pump Shotugns:

 - Grey is now Green

 - Green is now Blue 

Exciting news for those wanting to cross-play. Improvements are being rolled out so that you can now see your friends from other platforms using the ‘friend finder’ option. This will make life easy for joining your friends from mobile, console or PC!

Another interesting update from Epic Games! Stay tuned with Druid Gaming for how it plays out, and for all future Fortnite updates.