Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting......Tamagotchis???

So they're not actual Tamagotchis but Activation are adding a weird version of the old Japanese digital pets to Modern Warfare. Stay with us.

Called the Tomogunchi, this cosmetic item will be a watch that your character can wear in game, and check upon throughout the game; making sure that your pet is alive, fed and happy during quiet intervals. It seems that there are a variety of pets available such as cats, pandas and dragons...obviously. If you do manage to look after it properly, eventually it will grow and evolve. Some of the Tomogunchi pets even have mood changes, and can only be kept happy by killing your weird.

To me this seems like a weird addition which won't really get used, because who really has time to stop and pay attention to that in a the middle of a match? Having said that, Activision are clearly committing to the idea, giving the Tomogunchi a full back story, highlighting that its manufacturer is Rothwynn Industries. If you are not familiar with Rothwynn Industries, this company is a weapons manufacturer that features throughout the Call of Duty series. They even provided a 'press release' from Rothwynn Industries describing the Tomogunchis as 'the most realistic artificial intelligence ever witnessed' and that it is 'a durable watch, machine-crafted from the finest non-biodegradable plastic designed to provide you with the most immersive pet-based, combat-related experienced you have ever seen"

This is one of the weirdest additions to a game ever, and altough it seems unusual, maybe it's crazy enough to actually work.

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