Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a New Supporting App

Ok I must admit, this is pretty cool. I'm not a huge Modern Warfare fan myself but I do envy some of the stuff the that comes with a game which is a veteran of the PvP world. I have often wished Gears 4 and 5 had more in depth stats (like they had in Gears 3 and then decided to scrap...) and don't even get me started on Apex and Fortnite! Well Call of Duty fans this could be pretty good for you guys!

The Call of Duty Companion app is available now for mobile and tablet, and will provide in-depth statistics on your Modern Warfare career. It has all the basics you would expect such as kills, wins etc, but even more impressively it claims to be able to track your play style over time and start recommending loadouts which suit your playstyle, and that you perform best with. That's pretty awesome to be fair! I'd love to know whether I'm as good with the Kraber as I think I am...

Aside from providing you info on your stats, and tips on where you are going wrong & how to improve - it will also give you info on your squadmates' progress as well as giving you live information on your weekly achievements, patch updates, in game events and upcoming launches.

All in all I'm a big fan, and for anyone using it I'd love to hear if it lives up to its description! Let us know in the comments!

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