Big Modern Warfare Update Dropping December 3rd

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Some great news coming out of Activision this week with the release of the mobile app earlier in the week, and details of a big Season 1 update due on Tuesday.

A few weeks into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and we've already seen a bunch of patches and updates designed to improve gameplay. Hopefully everyone is now experiencing fewer crashes and all around general improvement of gameplay. This has allowed the Activision team to work on a huge drop which will see new modes, maps and weapons - and update that Activision claim to claim to be "the biggest free content drop in franchise history".

New playable maps will include Crash, Vacant and Shipment the multiplayer map rotation, Port for the Ground War mode and Cargo and Atrium for the 2v2 game mode. There will be other maps dropped during season 1 but these are yet to be specified.

New game modes include:

- Infected: a survival game where you will either hunt, or be hunted

- Reinforce: a mix of Domination and Search and Destroy, where players have a single life and compete to control 3 flags

- On Site Procurement: a gunfight mode where you start with no weapons and collect as you go

And finally two new weapons have been announced in the Ram-7 (a fully auto Assault Rifle) and the Holger-26 (a light machine gun).

The update drops 3rd December and will be availed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. stay up to date with all the latest news, and for information on all of the Druid Gaming events by visiting our website: