Be Brazen with your next Gaming Chair

Streamcon 2019 concluded 6 weeks ago today and we are looking back with amazing gratitude to all of our sponsors who helped to make the event so memorable. One of those sponsors is Brazen Gaming Chairs who provided seating throughout the event. If you found yourself competing in one of our Fortnite, Apex or Siege tournaments you will have also found yourself sitting in one of the best gaming chairs that we think are on the market.

Brazen is a UK based company whose mission is to provide the best quality products they can. They have said it themselves that they do not provide anything less than perfect, and sitting in a red Brazen Puma chair as I write - you can really tell. The build quality of the chair is of a very high standard and the chair feels secure and stable when you're sat in it. This isn't something I've thought about every chair I've sat in, let me tell you.

One of the most important things about the chair is the support to your back and core. Every proper gamer will likely have spent weekly, if not daily, sessions sat in the same spot for hours at a time. If you were at Streamcon you will know how important promoting safe gaming is to Druid Gaming.

Having a Brazen gaming chair is one way you can do this. Posture is so important because long term effects of bad posture can be very serious, leading to a number of muscular and nervous issues. Brazen chairs are ergonomically designed to support your body in a way that takes pressure off your muscles, reducing the strain on them and therefore any potential long term damage.

You can really feel the difference when you sit in a Brazen chair, and one of the guests at Streamcon actually spoke to me about this. He had had lower back issues for a number or years and when sitting in the Brazen Phantom Elite he said he could feel it wasn't letting him sit with his hips in a bad position, like with his current chair. This guest happened to win a chair at the Streamcon in a giveaway and has since messaged saying how much he loves it.

With the support for my back and the fact all the Brazen chairs look amazing, it's certainly worth having a think about making this your next addition to your setup. You can find out more information on their website: