BBC Release Child-Friendly Online Multiplayer Game

Image: BBC

The BBC have teamed up with Goodboy Digital, a game developer who have previously worked on games such as CBeebies' 'Get Creative' and 'Doctor Who Time Vortex VR'. This time around their collaboration sees the creation of a game called Nightfall; an online multiplayer game which requires Nightfallers to work together to defeat Nags and Nightmares.

The game is designed with online safety in mind after a lot of press around potential threats for children. This is a topic which we spoke about at Streamcon 2019 and in previous articles, and it's something that really should be talked about even more. The BBC and Goodboy Digitial have developed a game that has no microtransactions, no loot boxes and no advertisements which is fantastic. Having read about numerous cases of children spending thousands of pounds on skins, loot boxes and in-game currencies we believe this to be a positive step forward. In fact it's something that should probably mirrored in games designed for older gamers as well.

One important point about Nightfall is that there is a function which stops players from being able to share personal data with other players. This is also something that a lot of parents have shown concern about, as there is always the concern that there are people in the game with bad intentions. The BBC have said their game was developed in such a way that "children can feel free to play, explore and have fun with their friends online while their parents can have confidence that they’re doing so in a safe and secure environment.“

This is a positive step forward in a time where gaming is coming under fire from all angles, and we believe that there will be many more games developed of this nature. What do you think about Nightfall? Let us know in the comments.