Apex Legends: Season 4 What we know so far 

Apex Legends' season 3 started way back in October 2019 and is coming very close to finishing. Season 3 was brilliant and with the new map, the introduction of Crypro and Watson and several guns, attachments and other additions it quickly became a fan favourite season so far. The ranked system is pretty well tuned and things still feel fresh, despite the game being out for nearly a year.

Yesterday, Respwan spoke on a YouTube stream about the fast-approaching season 4 and what it has in store for us. First and foremost, the newest character addition, Forge will be coming very soon. As a former MMA champion with a robotic arm, his play style will suitably be much more up close and personal. You can see him in the picture above...very excited to see what Forge has to offer.

The other big news is that there will be a bolt action sniper rifle included, known as the Sentinel. Apparently it will feature a 'charge function' but also pack a heavy punch. One for the support players we feel.

There will apparently be a number of other small patches to weapons, accessories and character skills with a few chances to the current map, World's Edge. We saw some changes to the season 1 map as we entered season 2 and it sounds like the level of change will be similar next season. Enough to change gameplay a bit but not enough so that the map is unrecognizable.

Finally, the devs also spoke of some changes to the ranking system. We are hoping there isn't too much change, as currently it's one of the better ranking systems out there for video games. One thing that was mentioned is that the Predator Badge will be reserved for Top 500 players on each platform. If you drop out of the top 500, you lose your predator badge until you get back in! We like this, no more Predator level 16,000s etc, making it a much greater sense of achievement. The other difference next season is that the ranked season will be split into two halves, and a 'soft reset' to happen in the middle.

Seasom 4 begins on 4th February, which is only a couple of weeks away. More changes and additions are sure to be announced and we will be sure to update you if they do! What are your thoughts on season 4 so far? Let us know in the comments.