Apex Legends: Player Level Cap to Increase

Earlier this evening, Respawn announced on the Apex Legends twitter page that there is an update incoming which will FINALLY make changes to the max level cap. Since season 1, most serious Apex Legends players have been stuck looking and that yellow emblem, having already reached level 100. For 2 seasons I've been wondering if they might change this and release more levels, and as of December 3rd this will be happening!

The player level cap will be increased from 100 to 500 and the xp required to reach level 100 will be reduced by 5%, 'to smooth out XP per level increases'.

During the new level climb you will also be able to earn 199 more Apex Packs:

- level 2-20: one pack per level

- level 22-300: one pack every two levels

- level 305-500: one pack every five levels

Further to the above, there will be a new influx of charms added to provide more customisation options. 36 new gun charms will be ublockable through the Apex Packs in typical RNG fashion, as well as one charm for reaching level 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500.

All in all, not a bad update, and a bunch more Apex Packs will be obtainable...can't complain at that!

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