Apex Legends have leaked a 'Holiday Collection'!

EA are getting in to the festive spirit! That's right, Apex has an exciting festive pack coming which includes new skins and more! Shared by Twitter user iLootGames, the collection is expected to be called 'holo-day' and will include a new Limited Time Mode based on the World’s Edge train.

Check out this Santa / Caustic skin! Yes, that's right Caustic as Santa - you better hope you've been good this year!

I know what you're thinking, what's next? Octane as a reindeer that's had one too many Monster Energies? Yes, exactly that...

iLoot have given us a brilliantly insightful video as to how this update is going to look - if you're an apex fan you have to check this video out!


What are your thoughts on the skins and do you think Apex should do Holidays skins all year round? Pumpkin Gibraltar for Halloween?

Let us know your thoughts!

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