Apex Legends' Grand Soirée Event Starts Next Week 

We were actually a little disappointed to see the Winter Express event end. It provided some good entertainment in between some sweaty ranked games. However the next event which is due for Apex Legends looks like it too will serve as a nice distraction as it will feature a number of different Limited Time Modes.

Starting on 14th January and finishing on the 28th January, 'The Grand Soirée' will offer 7 rotating LTMs, ranging from familiar events Ranged and Dangerous to new, fresh events like Dummie's Big Day. There will reportedly be plenty of loot up for grabs including a badge for taking part in all of the LTMs across the two week period.

Respawn have said they are changing the system in this new event in a way which will allow more players to get their hands on more and better loot. This is will be a point based system where the more you play, the more points you earn and therefore the more loot you earn. Simples.

Each LTM will have 3 challenges to complete worth a total of 1000 points, and the Bonue Scoring Weekend will offer up another of challenges worth 500 points. The bonus weekend will be held on the 17th January - 20th January (6pm - 6pm on the respective days).

This event sounds like it could be quite fun and with plenty of skins, badges etc to obtain it's certainly worth getting stuck into some of the challenges.