Apex Legends: EA's New Battle Royale Game

We're not surprised any more at the release of more and more battle royale style games. Fortnite and PUBG really put the genre on the map for gaming, streaming and esports. Since the rise of Fortnite and PUBG we've seen the release of a number of great titles such as Call of Duty: Blackout and Realm Royale.

The newest addition to the Battle Royale genre is Apex Legends; the result of EA's work alongside Titanfall's developers, Respawn entertainment. Apex Legends is out now and is free-to-play on PC, Xbox and PS4. EA have stated that the official first season will commenc in March 2019, with players able to buy a battle pass which will allow skins and other cosmetics to be unlocked.

But what is the game like? Well it does have a similar feel to PUBG and Blackout in that the graphic style and gameplay have a certain realistic feel to it. Visually it's pretty stunning with a great looking map and environment.

Apex Legend's main difference to other similar titles is the inclusion of different character classes. Similar to how Realm Royale has Warriors and Hunters etc., Apex Predators has classes such as Lifeline, who provides healing and Bloodhound who provides visibility of other players on the map.

The main tactic of Apex Legends lies in the ability of players to work in a team and utilize the classes. This teamwork element is what makes games like Overwatch and Rainbow 6: Siege so good to watch as an esport and we're sure Apex Legends will be no different. It's already got a lot of traction with over 150,000 concurrent viewers over the last few days.

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