Apex Legends Coming to Mobile

Apex Legends came out in February 2019 and proved to be a huge competitor to the likes of Fortnite and PUBG. It quickly gained a massive following, breaking records for viewers and revenue withing the first few weeks. At first it seemed like it could take a huge chunk of viewers away from its competitors but as the weeks have passed the hype seems to gave died down a bit.

There are a couple of things which we believe would help the game continue its hype, particularly after a disappointing season pass which saw few interesting items included. One of these things is the cross-play feature, which of course would allow people to play with their friends on different consoles and PC. This was really beneficial for Fortnite when it happened and could help to keep the interest levels high for Apex.

Another huge addition would be an Esports scence, which would allow amateur players to learn from the games' best players. You can see how this has changed both Fortnite and PUBG as the play styles of better players in game, particularly towards the final circles are clearly tactics learned from Esports matches.

Both of these features are still to be seen, but one massive addition to Apex which is coming very soon is the ability to play on mobile device. Three are no specifics about these, or release dates, but it will be a welcomed addition as it is always great to have access to mobile games on the go.

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