Announcing our new partnership with College of Esports

Updated: 5 days ago

Druid Gaming are unbelievably proud to announce a brand new partnership with the world's first university-level institute dedicated to Esports, College of Esports. Located at the Velodrome at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London, the College of Esports has been built to offer the next generation of students and gamers unparalleled insight and knowledge of the Esports sector. They offer innovative and practice-focused degrees, at both foundation and bachelor level, in a range of Esports disciplines including digital marketing, event management, coaching and more.

Our work over the past 5 years has always had students in mind. Druid Gaming have been offering support and guidance to the next generation through our digital platforms, at our in-person events and through our visits to schools across the UK. The Esports industry is already worth over £1bn deapite being very much in its infancy, and it's our goal to promote this fantastic industry, and to show you how amazing a career in Esports can be. Over the next few years it will continue to grow, opening up thousands of learning and working opportunities. Now is the perfect time start your journey, and the College of Esports is the place to begin. Take a look at all of their courses here.

Through their unique tri-curriculum, the College of Esports is dedicated to delivering a high quality student experience that develops talent, resilience and identity. Their visions are to nurture talent to a high level of academic excellence, create strong personal competence by building resilience, and nurture a robust identity and self-understanding in its students.

College of Esports are the perfect partner for Druid Gaming to work alongside in order to shape the future of Esports. Over the coming years we will together provide a range of resources, include many events - so keep your eyes peeled for that!

For more information, and to check out their incredible facilities, visit their website: