Alienware to Bring out Handheld PC

Alienware will today speak more about the potential release of a handheld gaming device that has the power of a gaming PC. In a tweet earlier this morning they released the above image, and suggested more will be released tonight at CES2020.

One of the reasons that the Nintendo Switch has been so successful is that it is portable; giving gamers the ability to play some of their favourite games on the go. It's a fantastic way to speed up a commute, a long drive or a plane trip. But what till Alienware add to this? Well, seemingly they want to offer a handheld device that is much more powerful; opening up a wider variety of games that can be played on the go. They're calling it #ConceptUFO and it has the potential to offer higher spec games than previous handheld devices - imagine playing Call of Duty, Overwatch, Dota 2 etc on your commute, that would be awesome!

A few potential downsides will of course be the size of the console (surely it will have to be a fair bit bigger to allow for all of the hardware), the internet connection (will it just be limited to offline games or will it cost of bomb on roaming data), and even the price (will it be worth buying over a gaming laptop or a Switch?). These are all questions that will start to be address at CES later today, and will likely continue to be answered over the coming months.

In theory it's a fantastic idea, but will it be as good in practice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.