Ali-A’s Thoughts on the new Pump shotguns

Intel on the final update of Fortnite Season 6 have suggested some pretty cool changes. For example a more consistent damage counter will be introduced, hopefully reducing the number of single figure hits players get. We'll also see a nerf coming to the Mounted Turret....correctly so in our opinion (that thing is OP!!), and we'll potentially see the reintroduction of the bouncer pads which will help once again with movement and making plays.

However the biggest addition to the game is the new Epic and Legendary pump shotguns. With resemblances to the Spas-12 this new shorty will continue the existing line of pumps which are currently uncommon (green) and rare (blue).

However this does bring about a question as Ali-A rightLG points out in his video, this will leave us with 3 types of Epic and Legendary shotguns: Heavy, Pump and Double Barrel. We agree with Ali-A that there could be a vault and our feeling is that it will be the heavy shotgun because it’s too similar. The update is due on Thursday so we’ll find out for sure then.

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