50,000 Cheaters Banned from Warzone already

Call Of Duty's latest installment into the Battle Royale genre, Warzone, has been out for a couple of weeks now. The game has been breaking records for downloads, rivaling the numbers achieved by the likes of Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends. With this popularity, for all the amazing players who are making the game fun to play, there were bound to be some who wanted to spoil it for others.

As the title suggests, Infinity Ward highlighted in their Developer's Notes yesterday that they had already banned over 50,000 players from the game who have broken the fair play rules. Infinity Ward go on to explain that they still depend on reports from players in-game. Each report is placed in a queue which their security teams are monitoring 24/7, assessing whether a player is cheating, and banning them accordingly.

Unsurprisingly, they do not go into what their systems do to analyse cheating, which is to be expected as it keeps potential cheaters in the dark. What's good to know is that Infinity Ward do have systems in place to work this out, and also that they are working thorough each report that is sent in.