15 Day Overwatch Ban for xQc

Félix Lengyel 'xQc' has received another Overwatch ban - The ban is for 15 days so it'll be lifted in time for him to compete in the Overwatch World Cup for Canada. This of course is not the first time 'xQc' has received a ban on the game, he ran into trouble when making homophobic comments towards another player, another suspension came when he used an emote in a racially inappropriate manner and this time around the ban is centered around reports of multiple abusive chat reports. The twitch streamer posted an apology on his twitter account.

It is stated in the rules that all World Cup players must be in 'good standing' there is no official confirmation of what standing his account will be left in when the suspension is up, however it seems likely the standing will be restored once the ban is lifted. After one of these incidents previously led to Overwatch league team Dallas Fuel mutually coming to an agreement with 'xQc' to let him go, some people are wondering if these types of suspensions keep happening will Blizzard themselves at some point step in and question his ability to compete on the game, as the company have already stated they want to make Overwatch as toxic free as possible. It looks like this time around things should work out for 'xQc'. With his Twitch stream picking up pace currently having 649,402 followers he has more people than ever watching him!  

Hopefully his apology is one he is able to take seriously and can prevent any further incidents in the future, which means he can continue to compete with no issues.  


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