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About Brazen:


BraZen Gaming Chairs are built with “no compromise!” We offer a comprehensive range of chairs which cater for the enthusiastic gamer and the Esport professional alike. We produce all types of chair including recliners, pedestal, PC Chairs and floor rockers - with as appropriate a range of attributes including audio, vibration and Bluetooth connectivity. Our products cater for all categories of gamer whether they be into console, PC or mobile gaming. By design our Gaming Chairs are: Competitively Priced We aim to ensure that the majority of our sales price is spent on product build cost and not the likes of marketing – meaning you get more chair for your money! Best Build Quality We employ our own designers and quality control experts who are independent of the manufacturer to ensure that the UK’s furniture rules and regulations – which are some of the highest in the World! - are adhered to and our chairs are produced ethically. Collaborative Design Process We have numerous excellent – formal and informal – relationships with member of the Esports and gaming communities. We regularly use these contacts to market test our products and provide us with invaluable feedback to allow us to have a process of continual improvement. Excellent Customer Service We endeavour to provide our customers with an excellent product at a competitive price complemented by a credible after sales support service which is better then our competitors. Currently rated five stars on! Largest UK Owned Brand We are a long established, successful and trusted business because we consistently deliver what our customers demand!


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